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You have a small business like a surf school or online shop? Or you want to sell more of your ebooks? Or you just want to earn some extra cash?

111This business idea is perfect for us ocean lovers and beach bums. We go to the beach and take our laptop with us. You decide when and where you work and how much money you make and grow meanwhile your own business!!! Thats the modern way of living! A lifestyle which allows you to have a LIFE !!! Especially we ocean lovers dont like to spend time in the office meanwhile best waves are pumping. Continue reading and get more info. Questions or strategy offer please write to

What is AdpackPro? AdpackPro – Web Marketing Platform for small Businesses and private persons. Make money on the internet with AdpackPro. What do we understand by AdpackPro? It is a marketing platform to reach financial freedom. Read all about creating passive income and advertising for free by purchasing Adpacks.

AdpackPro – What is AdpackPro? – Web Marketing Platform for small Businesses and private persons

If you ask yourself “what is adpackpro” you´re on the right website! As you read this in such an early state of the project, the website is all in German and not yet perfect for English-speakers. However, the English website will be available in about 1-2 weeks. So all you need to do right now is to Sign up for free and start buying Adpacks on AdpackPro. Be in front of all the others!
This is a real long-term program run by a legitimate holding company which already had good business before they even begin the new program.

laptop_strand_dreamstime_60What is AdpackPro?

AdpackPro is a platform for marketing for small businesses and private persons. Active members will profit from the advertising sales. At the same time, all members have the possibility to advertise for their company, product or referral link. As active members will profit from the sales, you can also speak of cost-neutral advertising. Created by a Swiss entrepreneur company OneVision Holding AG last summer.
This is a legitimate company using an advertising rev share model, and not a rev share model pretending to be a legitimate business. That’s a BIG difference!


How much are the costs of a Adpack?
You have the choice among two adpacks – text or banner adpack. Both forms of advertising each cost 25€ (without VAD as the registered office is in Switzerland). If you want to book upgrades, e.g. “Basic” membership or “rotator”, you have to pay an annual fee. You will find more Information about the different upgrades on this website.
What is so special about it?
The unique thing about the marketing platform is that you invest 25€ and within about 90 days you will receive 30€, which makes a profit of 20%. In this way, you will not just only advertise for free but will also make a total profit of 20% for each Adpack bought. You don´t need to have a large advertising budget to take an active part in AdpackPro and earn passive income.
If you are a private person and don´t have any product, company or referral link to advertise for, there will be preconfigured Advertisements, which you only have to activate.

What is AdpackPro? – Only 4 steps to your success and to make fast money on the internet.:

  1. Sign up for free on AdpackPro 
  2. Purchase one or more Adpacks to immidiately make money on the internet
  3. Activate and fill out your Adpacks with your company link or referral link
  4. All profits gained on the web marketing platform for small businesses and private persons can be reinvested in new Adpacks to make even more money.

What is Online Advertising?

Online advertising, also called online marketing or Internet advertising or web advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.


Wikipedia definition to “what is online advertising?”
What is AdpackPro? – Web marketing platform for small businesses and private persons

Web Marketing Platform for small Businesses and private persons – Don´t hesitate! Invest now and take part in the revenue sharing earnings!

What do I have to do to make fast money on the internet?
Activate your text Adpacks, as only activated text ads will take part in the revenue sharing earnings From this day on you should at least click ten ads a day. Those ads each last for 15 seconds, which means you don´t need more than 3 minutes a day to qualify for revenue sharing earnings.

Web Marketing Platform for small businesses and private persons

What is AdpackPro? How can I earn some money with AdpackPro?

images (2)The chance to get more clients for your main business and meanwhile making money.


What is AdpackPro? – The main difference to other marketing online platforms:
In contrast, to most other web marketing platforms you will take part in revenue sharings earnings at Adpackpro. In plain words, that means that every activated text Adapack will take part in a 30-minute payout. Furthermore, you only pay 25€ for an Adpack and receive 30€ back in about 90 days.
AdpackPro grants you at least 10,000 views and at least 100 guaranteed clicks on your ad.

Start now and sign up for free!

Reward system of the web marketing platform for businesses and private persons:
If you invite friends or partners to AdpackPro, you will benefit from a 2 level referral commissions system. For any primary partner in your downline, you will receive 11% commissions for each adpack bought. In the second stage, you will receive 7% for each adpack bought.
Don´t hesitate and join now before anyone else does. You can quickly build up a team as soon as AdpackPro officially launched, as it will go internationally!
For more information about the web marketing platform for small businesses and private persons!!!

So thats just a short overview!!! If you have further questions and need a strategy please write me to: